Provision of the Award

One student award will be paid annually directly to a post-secondary institution, considered a “qualified donee” by Canada Revenue Agency and the Income Tax Act, to cover such items as tuition, books, lab fees, or residence costs.

This means that the Scholarship recipient will not receive the scholarship funds directly as a cheque.  Instead, the Scholarship Committee will deposit the Scholarship funds directly to the account of the recipient at the post-secondary institution that they will be attending the following fall.

General Information

The Scholarship was established in 2018 in memory of Evan Thomas as a result of generous donations made in Evan’s name by several companies and individuals actively involved in Saskatchewan’s uranium mining industry, which included uranium explorers and developers, financial institutions, investment bankers, brokers, mining analysts, geologists, and corporate legal counsels.

As a result of their generosity, over $109,000 was raised for the Scholarship.   With the assistance of the Saskatoon Community Foundation, the principal amount received from the donors has been invested in low-risk interest-bearing investments such that annual Scholarship awards will be derived exclusively from the interest revenues received in the previous year so that the Scholarship can live on in perpetuity.

As the Scholarship is based upon annual interest revenue derived from the principal endowment, its value will vary from year to year but is expected to range in size from $2,000 to $4,000.

Eligibility of Candidates

  1. Candidates shall be a graduating Grade 12 student from any high school within the Saskatoon Public School system or the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School system who intend to pursue post-secondary studies.
  2. Candidates shall demonstrate team leadership.
  3. Candidates shall demonstrate athletic qualities in a team sport.
  4. Candidates shall demonstrate academic proficiency.
  5. While the selection committee shall use the above criteria to determine who is eligible for the award, the decision is at the discretion of the selection committee.