We believe that the Evan Thomas Memorial Scholarship will have a significant impact on student leaders as they continue with post-secondary studies.

Recipients of the Scholarship share their stories on how this award has impacted their ongoing education.

Brandon Chilagan
Bishop James Mahoney
High School

It is a great honour to be chosen by the scholarship committee to be this year’s recipient of the Evan Thomas Memorial Scholarship. Receiving this award in memory of Evan and his legacy of dedication to both athletics and academics is truly an honour. Evan’s leadership and other admirable qualities set him apart as an outstanding individual, one that I strive to be like myself.

With the funds that I have received from the Evan Thomas Memorial scholarship, I will be using it to help cover my first-year tuition at the University of Alberta. I will be pursuing an Honours Science degree in Cell Biology, and have aspirations of becoming a Clinical Geneticist one day. I will also be training and competing with the varsity track and field team. Receiving financial support will allow me to focus on my academics and athletics, and spend more time being able to give back to my community. As I move forward I hope to keep Evan’s memory and legacy alive, honouring and up holding the beliefs and values he had of leadership through my actions.

Jordan Friesen
Tommy Douglas


It is with extreme gratitude that I extend my thank you to the scholarship committee for choosing me to be this year’s recipient of the Evan Thomas Memorial Scholarship. I am honoured to be presented this award in memory of such an outstanding individual. Evan was known for his outstanding leadership skills along with his drive in both athletics and academics. I strive to possess those same qualities, and am thankful to be recognized by the scholarship committee for my efforts. 

The funds that I received from the Evan Thomas Memorial Scholarship will help cover my tuition costs as I enter my first year of study at the University of Saskatchewan. I will be pursuing a Bachelor of Education with aspirations of becoming a teacher and eventually a school administrator. In the coming years I hope to utilize my leadership skills as I give back to the sporting community through coaching. The financial aid that I received from the scholarship will enable me to dedicate more of my time to giving back. My hope is to keep Evan’s memory alive through my actions each and every day moving forward, because everyone should aspire to leave behind a legacy as substantial as the one that Evan has left us.

Anna Oliver
Holy Cross High School

It is truly an honour to be named the first recipient of the Evan Thomas Memorial Scholarship. I cannot thank the scholarship committee enough for the support I have received and the effort they’ve put into this award. I am very proud to be recognized for my qualities and achievements as a student-athlete and I hope to express the type of leadership and academic excellence which Evan was so well known for throughout my years to come. I hope that myself, as well as all the following recipients of this scholarship will help to keep Evan’s memory alive and well. 

The Evan Thomas Memorial Scholarship will help to cover tuition for my upcoming year at the University of Saskatchewan where I will be studying Kinesiology while I compete with the Huskies Women’s Soccer team. I am very excited to begin university and I have high hopes of eventually pursuing a career in Neurology. Receiving this scholarship will aid me financially and allow me to focus on my academic and athletic goals. This recognition has inspired me to commit to my academics and express leadership in all aspects of my life.